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Hybrid welcome new staff
25.03.2015, 23:41
The drummer is a graduate from the Academy of Contemporary Music, where he studied Contemporary Popular Music. He is a talented drummer with a background in business skills. He is joining us as a Music Technical Assistant.

During their time at Hybrid Arts they will be coordinating music activities for youth music projects, providing technical help in maintaining musical instruments, undertaking general research and assistance for main office staff, acting as classroom assistants at Indestructible Music Club. They will also be helping to set up a record label – Hybrid Cuts – and a publishing arm – Hybrid Music Publishing – both due to launch imminently.

They will both be joining the Hybrid band – a collection of staff and students who work on youth music projects.

The Government has created the £1 billion Future Jobs Fund to create around 150,000 new jobs. This is a new approach to create jobs and provide hope for young people and job seekers in deprived communities. Hybrid Arts are developing a number of employment opportunities through this fund.

The 2009 Budget announced the Young Person’s Guarantee – which includes a guaranteed offer of work or training to every 18-24 year old in Britain at risk of becoming long-term unemployed. This will give many thousands of young people invaluable skills and work experience that will help them secure a worthwhile job, and will strive to ensure that no young adult is permanently disadvantaged by the recession.

Despite the recession, creative enterprises are continually seeking out new talent. Hybrid Arts are opening up a range of opportunities for young people that will give them vital work experience for the long-term. We are planning to take on more staff over the coming weeks, and are looking forward to the positive impact these new roles will have at Hybrid Arts, bringing in a diversity of fresh ideas.
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