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Foley Society
25.03.2015, 23:30
It is at Spencer Yard that an unusual group have assembled to find out ‘what is Foley Society?’…are they any the wiser?

Foley Society is a kind of variety show hosted by artists for artists. For the launch party we had sound manipulation derived from live poetry with FutureHand and a chance to play a game of Twister with Test Card Girl over a live video web link. 

Continuity for the evening came from Heile Unlikely (below) mixing up a blend of Turkish Psychedelia and jazz and the short film section came from Run Wrake and his animation ‘The Control Master’, a documentary by Josh Greenbaum about the Foley Artist Nancy Ann Ciancy called ‘Walking for the Stars’. Last but not least, guests were treated to a sneak preview of the new Jackdaw with Crowbar set featuring a headless DJ, Monkey Pie split screen film montage guitar based music mash and chicken vocals.

Джерело: http://hybridarts.co.uk/?p=63
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